This website was developed over a period of at least 7 months. The work was carried out by me, Raif Killips, club member 2392, on a voluntary basis in consultation with the Club Committee. It attempts to address all the issues raised by the Club membership, oriented mostly around supplying dedicated information to members and also serving to promote the Club by providing material that secures the interest of the public, and with luck encouraging at least a few to join us.

There is of course always room for improvement so you can expect things to be tweaked from time to time. These tweaks may be in response to Committee resolutions but may also be in response to direct feedback from Club members. With this in mind you should feel free to contact me by email hidden; JavaScript is required or using the club’s contact form with your suggestions or technical queries. I will always attempt to answer your messages quickly and where possible and appropriate, make changes to our website. Already, several members have made comments and enquiries in this manner and updates have been made.