Please note that as a condition of our public liability insurance, Regalia is only available to paid up Full Members of the LDMCC.

No 1
Machine badge, enamelled aluminium casting.
No 2
Club lapel enamel badge.
No 3
Scotsman lapel enamel badge with red or green shirt/beret.
No 4
Woven club badge.
No 6
Club badge transfer (waterside).
No 7
Bleeding heart transfer (waterslide).
Application: For headstock of 4hp models up to 1923 and the more expensive veteran 2¾hp models i.e. with clutch and kick-starter from 1912 to 1914.
No 8
Douglas veteran transfer (waterslide).
Application: For headstock of all models up to 1912 and perhaps Ladies Model in 1913, then it changed to No.7 (see item above)
No 9
“The Douglas” for veteran tank transfer (waterslide).
Application: For tank. “The Douglas” in brick red was used on the tanks of all models from 1909 to 1912. Prior to 1909 “The Douglas” was used in the same colour but in a curved and flowing style. (This earlier version is not available.)
No 10
“Douglas” black with white edges transfer (waterslide).
Application: For tank. Rare but found on some speedway and post vintage models. Applied to some 90 Plus tanks and rear mudguards. Also used on the tank of black and silver Mk V.
No 11
“Douglas” white with black edges transfer (waterside).
Application: Used on tanks of 2¾hp and 3½hp from 1913, 4hp from 1916 to 1921 except 1913 model N which uses No.9, some SW5/6 and DT5/6, and Bantam 1933 to 1935. Mk Models I, III, IV and V (except black and silver MkV which has transfer No. 10 on the tank). Rear mudguard of MkIV and V on the strengthening bridge. Also below the rear number plate of 1930s 600cc and above.
No 12
“Douglas” gold with white edges transfer (waterslide).
Application: For tank. Some SW5/6 and DT5/6, also post vintage models 1936. This year seems to be the year that it was used on all models.
No 13
“Douglas” white with gold edges transfer (waterslide).
Application: For tank. From about 1932 used on blue panel of most saddle tank models.
No 14
“DOUGLAS DRAGONFLY” (waterslide).
Application: For tank. Douglas Dragonfly for black and silver machines.
No 15
“DOUGLAS DRAGONFLY” (waterslide).
Application: For tank. Douglas Dragonfly for stone and green machines.
No 16
Scotsman holding engine, gold transfer (waterslide).
Application: Headstock of all models from 1915 except expensive 2¾hp models and 4hp models (see No. 7) from 1914 through to June 1935 and then Aero models. Also used on rear mudguards below rear number plate but above read stand clip for all 2¾hp from 1913 to 1930 and tool boxes of some 1930s large capacity machines with cast alloy tool boxes.
No 17
Scotsman holding engine, coloured transfer (waterslide).
Application: BTH generator cover of the 500cc, 600cc and 750cc post vintage twins from 1930 to 1935 – Not those with Lucas Mag-dyno.
No 18
Scotsman head, gold transfer (waterslide).
Application: Toolboxes of machines post 1935 also 80 Plus and black and silver Dragonfly.
No 19
Scotsman head, silver transfer (waterside).
Application: Toolbox Mk I, IV, and V, 90 Plus and stone and green Dragonfly.
No 20
Chaincase Scotsman transfer (waterslide).
Application: Primary chain case. Most models from 1925 to 1939 that have a fully enclosed primary chain case with the flat rather than the domed cover.
No 21
Winged T35 Douglas transfer (waterslide).
Application: Toolbox MkIII and MkIII Sports.
No 22
“Fairy” transfer (waterslide).
Application: For tank of Fairy.
No 23
Key ring and fob with club enamel badge.
No 24
Tartan tank transfer for 500, 600 & 750cc pair (waterslide).
Application: For tank. Tartan models 1931 to 1933. 500cc and above models.
No 26
Mug white ceramic with graphic in blue.
No 28
Club badge – car windscreen (static type).
No 29
T-Shirt, 100% Cotton, Sizes S, M, XXL. (Photo shows XXL with print detail. Club badge same size on all Ts).
Please note that L & XL are currently out of stock.
No 30
Aero tank transfer (waterslide).Tank of Aero 1937/1938 600cc models.
No 31
New Conrod club magazine binder. Holds 12 editions.
Dark blue with silver embossing.
No 32
Tartan transfer for 350cc/pair.
Application: For tank, Tartan models 1931 to 1933. 350cc models.
No 33
Base Ball Cap – Royal Blue – One size only, adjustable.


Please note, fixing instructions accompany all transfers. email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are unsure which transfers you require, or in fact if you have any other regalia related query.

  1. For enquiries please contact me by post or email (address in NCR) Please include your details including membership number.
  2. For UK orders of small transfers by post please include SAE. (envelope approximately 160mm x 115mm will do) For other items please enquire for cost of postage etc.
  3. All UK members and those able to do so please make payment by sterling cheque drawn from a UK bank account or postal order made out to “London Douglas MCC Ltd”.
  4. All overseas orders, please email me for cost of postage and availability. Payment by paypal (there is a charge of 6.5% of the total, parts and postage) or by Sterling Cheque drawn from a UK Bank account made out as above.

Most varnish fix transfers are still available plus a few vinylgraphic “stick on” which are more expensive, please enquire.