Petrol Tank Colours Veteran and Vintage models (reposted)

Due to the elimination of certain pigments and changes in formulation of paints due to environmental legislation the colours of Blue (Rootes Oxford Blue) and Silver (Vauxhall Sebring Silver Starmist) used on the petrol tanks of early Douglas models and recommended by the Club for at least 40 years as representative of the original Douglas colours are no longer available. They had in any case become increasingly difficult to obtain as the makes and models of vehicles upon which they had been based became obsolete. A new exercise has now been completed to match the colours with paint formulations currently capable of being mixed by good automotive paint stockists and they can be supplied as either aerosol cans or in bulk for gun spraying. The new recommended colours are now Fiat 455/B Bleu Imperial (This has a “Lechler” Ref. 220B and Hyundai S7 Sleek Silver ICI Ref 4WJMB. The blue is a gloss finish but in line with most of the modern paints the silver is a base coat only. In any case after application of transfers the whole tank will need to be finished in two-pack clear lacquer to make the paint finish resistant to petrol. Health and Safety issues must be observed in respect of the use of two-pack finishes which may be carcinogenic.

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