At The AGM Dave Richmond was elected as the new Chairman of The London Douglas Motor Cycle Club Ltd. upon the retirement of Chris Wright. All other Committee members were re-elected for another year. One major change in the way the club does business was agreed and will be implemented immediately. Following a change in the rules regarding data protection and improvements in Internet security coupled with increasing operating costs the Club has reluctantly decided to cancel the credit card facility currently offered. The new rules could lead to the Club incurring hefty fines for non compliance. The Club will now open a Paypal account and all future transactions for subscriptions, spares and regalia purchase using Paypal will be welcome. For those unable or unwilling to open and use a Paypal account, Bank Transfers will continue to be available. Cheques will also continue to be acccpted providing they are drawn upon a Sterling bank account. Further information will be provided in the next issue of NCR.

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