The Range 1907 – 1957

Apart from production during the First World War, Douglas has generally been considered a minor manufacturer compared with many other well-known British manufacturers. One feature that stands out with Douglas over the years of production has been, in spite of their relatively small size, the huge number of different models they produced. Most manufacturers, even the largest, were satisfied to produce a few basic models in the popular engine sizes with only evolutionary changes from year to year. Douglas manufactured as many as thirteen different models in some years, ranging in size from 150 cc to 750 cc, with belt drive, chain drive, side-valve and overhead-valve models all in production at the same time. There is little doubt that this profligacy contributed to their frequent financial crises.

 2¾hp 340cc side-valve Models A and B in successive years
2¾hp 340cc side-valve Models C & D
2¾hp 340cc side-valve Models D, E and Ladies Model F  
2¾hp 340cc side-valve Models G, H, J, K and Ladies Model L
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models N, O, P, R and Ladies Model S
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models T, U, V, W and Ladies Model X
3½hp 494cc side-valve Model A
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models U, V, W, WD and Ladies Model X
3½hp 494cc side-valve Model A, 4hp 596cc side-valve Model B (Model A dropped in 1916)
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models W20 and WD, 4hp 596cc side-valve Model B
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Model W21 and WD, 4hp 596cc side-valve Model B21
2¾hp 348cc overhead-valve Model 2¾hp Sports
3½hp 496cc overhead-valve Model S1 Sports
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models V and W, 4hp 596cc side-valve Model B22
3½hp 496cc overhead-valve Model S1 Sports
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models TS, W, 3SC, 4hp 596cc side-valve Models B, 4HC
3½hp 496cc overhead-valve Model S1, 6hp 733cc overhead-valve Model S2
3½hp 494cc overhead-valve Model RA (Works only)

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2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models TS/24, SW/24, CW/24
2¾hp 346cc overhead-valve OW/24, 2¾hp 346cc overhead-valve RW/24, 3½hp 494cc overhead-valve Model RA/24
596cc overhead-valve Model OB/24
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models TS/25, CW/25, 346cc overhead-valve Model OW/25
3½hp 494cc overhead-valve Model RA/25, 596cc overhead-valve Model OB/25
2¾hp 348cc side-valve Models TS/26, CW/26, EW, 596cc overhead-valve Model OC/26
494/596cc overhead-valve T.T. Replica
348cc side-valve Model EW, Standard, De Luxe, Sports
596cc side-valve Model EW, Standard, Sports
594cc overhead-valve Model OC, Standard, De Luxe
346/494/596cc overhead-valve T.T. Replica
348cc side-valve Models A28, B28, C28, 348cc overhead-valve Model D28
346/494/596cc overhead-valve T.T. Replica, 596cc overhead-valve Models G28, H28
494cc overhead-valve Model DT
596cc side-valve Models E28, F28
348cc side-valve Models A29, B29, 596cc side-valve Models E29, F29
596cc overhead-valve Models G29, H29, 348cc overhead-valve Model D29
494cc overhead-valve Model DT, 346/494/596 cc. overhead-valve T.T. Replica
348cc side-valve Models L3, H3
494cc overhead-valve Model DT5, 596cc overhead-valve Model DT6
494cc overhead-valve Model SW5, 596cc overhead-valve Model SW6
499cc side-valve Model S5, 596cc side-valve Models S6, T6
348cc side-valve Models A31, B31, 499cc side-valve Model C31
494cc overhead-valve Model DT5, 596cc overhead-valve Model DT6
494cc overhead-valve Model SW5, 596cc overhead-valve Model SW6
499cc overhead-valve Model F31, 596cc overhead-valve Model G31
596cc side-valve Models D31, E31
348cc side-valve Models A32, B32 Terrier, 496cc side-valve Model C32 Bulldog
596cc side-valve Model D32 Greyhound, 596cc side-valve Model E32 Ayredale
750cc side-valve Model H32 Mastiff
350cc overhead-valve Model K32, 500cc overhead-valve Model M32
499cc overhead-valve Model F32, 596cc overhead-valve Model G32
494cc overhead-valve Model DT5, 596cc overhead-valve Model DT6
494cc overhead-valve Model SW5, 596cc overhead-valve Model SW6
1933 Range uncertain:- Known machines from 1932 range
596cc side-valve Models D33, E 33, 750cc side-valve Model H33
148cc two-stroke Models X, XI Bantam (Villiers engine)
248cc side-valve Model Y, 348cc side-valve Model Y1, 494cc side-valve Model Y2
596cc side-valve Model Z, 744cc side-valve Model Z1
148cc two-stroke Models X, XI Bantam (Douglas Engine)
494cc overhead-valve Model OW, 596cc overhead-valve Model OW1
148cc two-stroke Models 5X, 5XI Bantam
248cc side-valve Model 5Y Comet
348cc side-valve Model 5Y1 Cotswold, 494cc side-valve Model 5Y2 Blue Chief
596cc side-valve Model 5Z Wessex, 744cc side-valve Model 5Z1 Powerflow
494cc overhead-valve Model 5OW Speed Special, 596cc overhead-valve Model 5OW1 Speed Special
494cc side-valve Endeavour (transverse engine and shaft drive)
248cc side-valve Aero 250, 348cc side-valve Aero 350, 494cc side-valve Aero 500, 596cc side-valve Aero 600
494cc side-valve Endeavour
348cc side-valve Aero 350, 494cc side-valve Aero 500, 596cc side-valve Aero 600
148cc two-stroke Model CL/38 (prototype only), 584cc side-valve Model DC/38 Aero 600
584cc side-valve Model DC/39 Aero 600

From 1914-on, Douglas also produced a range of sidecars to suit most models.

During the war years 1939 to 1945, Douglas maintained factory production with industrial trucks and stationary engines for the war effort, including a range of generator units for the British Army, Navy and Air Force. The engine unit for these was developed in 1939 as a prototype for what was to become the post-war T35 motorcycle. All post-war models from 1947 until the end of manufacture in 1957 were overhead-valve designs of 350cc, except for three 1948 600cc side-valve prototypes designated DV60 which were developed for the Army but did not go into production, and a 500cc development of the Mk Series in 1951 of which only one prototype example survives. In the early 1950s Douglas also manufactured a range of light industrial trucks and electric-powered vehicles, plus single cylinder stationary engines for industrial use powering water pumps, farm machinery etc.

1947 to 1949
350cc overhead-valve T35 (subsequently known as Mk 1), 2,234 built.
1948 to 1949
350cc overhead-valve Mk lll and Mk lll Sports, 2,321 built.
1949 to 1951
350cc overhead-valve Competition Model (COMP). Number built included in Mk lll and Mk lV.
1949 to 1950
350cc overhead-valve Mk lV  and Mk lV Sports, 1,842 built.
1950 to 1953
350cc overhead-valve 80 Plus and 90 Plus. 268 and 218 built respectively .
1949 to 1954
350cc overhead-valve Mk V, 3,123 built.
1954 to 1957
350cc overhead-valve Dragonfly, 1,570 built.