Machine Registration

RECOVER ORIGIONAL REGISTRATION via V765 SCHEME 1-16         date 12/05/2017

First of all you will need to contact the DVLA for a V765 INFORMATION PACK, make sure that the registration number you are claiming is not already on their data base, either on a valid Douglas V5c or other vehicle (contact number 0300 790 6802, if it shows as no details known it could  still be available or has been transferred to another vehicle. If transferred the only option is then to apply for an Age Related Registration. The process of recovering an original registration mark depends on indisputable evidence of the bike’s legitimacy. The DVLA accepts the following in establishing authenticity. Note All must contain the Registration & Frame number you are claiming for.

The original logbook RF/VE 60, Archive/library records or a validated copy of the original county registration record, many counties hold these and provide copies for a small fee, or any other pre 1983 documents all must contain the Registration/Frame number you are claiming for. Contact the Registrar for information on the location of any surviving records. The London Douglas Club Register entry is unacceptable to the DVLA as the majority of entries have not been validated.

1.   I will need you to send me the following along with the V55/5 and V765 Forms as sent by the DVLA. A copy of the original logbook or other documentation as specified above. Note: copies of original documents must be made by a DVLA recognised Club listed in publication V765/1 “List of Vehicle Owners Clubs”, annotated “Authenticated Copy” these must be stamped, signed and dated by the V765 club signatory. Only these will be accepted in place of the originals. If you choose to send original documents through the post to myself, they must be sent First Class Signed For and Tracked. This is to reduce the chances of them being lost in the Post.

2.  Rubbings and photographs (photo’s 6”x 4” on photo paper please, not copier paper) of the frame, engine and gear box numbers (Frame number must be cut back to bare metal). Rubbings can be achieved, in the same way as brass rubbing, by placing a piece of thin paper over the number and rubbing gently with an HB pencil using the side of the lead until the numbers are revealed.

3.  A photograph of each side of the machine (90 degrees) side on, complete and assembled, it can be loosely assembled, as it is not necessary for it to be in running order. The photo’s and rubbing’s must be clear and in focus as these will be sent to the DVLA at Swansea.

4. A cheque for Members £25 or others £50 payable to LDMCC Ltd, the clubs charge for the service.

If all the above is in order I will return DVLA V765 Form for you to answer question (2) your personal details then sign and date the Declaration question (4). I will also return the V55/5 Form on which you will need to complete the questions on page two  (48) & (49) your personal details, then sign & date the Declaration at the bottom of the page. I will fill in all other relevant questions and machine details.

Please then return both Forms to me in the SAE provided. All machines must then be inspected at my address on behalf of the Club and must be in a complete and assembled condition as described above. When you return your Documents I will send them with the previously supplied photographs and rubbings of the serial numbers, (which will be authenticated with the Club/DVLA stamp) to the DVLA at Swansea who will, I quote in their words “consider the case”.  If successful the record will be set up and a registration document (V5C) will be issued, all documents sent to support the application will be returned to you.

Please note that the final decision on acceptance of all applications rests with the DVLA and, if rejected, the club fee is not refundable. I will have no further contact with the DVLA so please let me know when you receive your V5C. Once you receive the V5C you can apply for the road fund licence either on line with the DVLA or in the normal way at a local Post Office which collects road fund fee’s on behalf of the DVLA. No fee payable for our machines, but you still need to apply.


Machine Registration (10)

Age-Related Registration Application             date 12/05/2017

The Club/DVLA requirements for the issue of a Dating Certificate to assist in the application for an age-related registration. Please supply the following.

V55/5 Form available from DVLA 0300 790 6802, two clear close-up photos ( 6”x 4” on photo not copier paper) of each side of the machine, 90 degrees side on, also photos and rubbings of Frame, Engine & Gear Box number stampings. The Frame number must be clear of all paint. Rubbings are achieved in the same way as brass rubbings; these must be clear and not blurred as you will be sending them to Swansea for inspection, once they have been validated with the Clubs stamp. The machine must be ready for the road before we can issue an age related certificate.

The Machine Registrar will then issue a Dating Certificate to support your application for the DVLA  Age Related Registration. On rare occasions, if there have been doubts about the machine’s legitimacy, it will be necessary for the Machine Registrar to inspect the machine (at his address) to verify its identity and age. Once you have the Certificate you will need to send the following with your application to Swansea.

  1. A valid insurance document, which must quote the Frame number.
  2. The LDMCC Age Related Certificate.
  3. DVLA Form V55/5, which I will return with the Age Related Certificate. I will complete this form with all relevant information, leaving you to fill in your personal details, date & sign only.
  4. The photo and rubbings of the Machine, Frame & engine numbers which will be validated with       the L.D.M.C.C / DVLA official stamp, these will be returned with the age related Certificate and V55/5 form.
  5. The DVLA may require a “NOVA” (Notification of Vehicle Arrival) Certificate, available from HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue & Customs) you can apply for this either by phone or on line. I will try to avoid this requirement by appropriately wording the Certificate.

The Club makes a standard charge for this service of £20 to LDMCC members or £50 to non-members. Please make the cheque payable to The London Douglas M.C.C.

The DVLA may allocate a Registration number immediately or arrange to have the machine inspected before doing so in order to verify the Frame and Engine numbers, and that it does exist as a complete machine.

It is recommended that you keep the Frame number clearly visible after restoration. We will be pleased to assist with validating the machine’s serial numbers before you purchase a vehicle.

Please note that all queries of a technical nature should be posted to the Clubs Technical Officer Frank Dolman. When writing, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope with your request, as Frank is unavailable via electronic mail.

Len Boydell         L.D.M.C.C  Registrar

Phone                   01268 769 451

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