There have been many publications specific to Douglas. The following list may be of help in identifying sources of information for the enthusiast.

The London Douglas Motor Cycle Club (LDMCC) regularly publishes a Membership List and a Machine Register, both issued free to members. These are additional to the bi-monthly Club magazine, The New Conrod.

DOUGLAS Motorcycling 1907 – 2007, profusely illustrated, was published in the year 2007 as part of the centenary activities to celebrate 100 years since the commencement of Douglas motorcycle production. Copies of this are still available at a cost of £4.00 post free and may be obtained from Roy Shepherd, 4 St Mark’s Cottages, St Mark’s Road, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 4AU.

In the 1980s some very useful and interesting little books were published by the LDMCC Editor, Doug Frost. These have now been out of print for many years but copies quite often appear on auction sites or Amazon. Motor Cycle Range 1907 to 39, was the first and is incorrectly entitled (It actually covers the years 1907 to 1926.). Douglas Range 1927 to 1939 was the second in this series. Mark Series Douglas 1945-57 was the third. This last item was later revised and extended with additional material in a different cover and was entitled Motor Cycle Range Mark Series 1945 to 1957. All of these books comprise original Douglas specifications, publicity material and copies of adverts as well as photographs of member’s machines and they continue to provide valuable source information.

SPANNERAMA THE BOOK, another very useful little book published by Neville Heath, LDMCC member. This comprises a collection of technical articles he had previously prepared for The New Conrod and relating to the post war Douglas models. Available from the author with proceeds to The Heart Foundation at a cost of £7.00 post free. See NCR for further details.

The BOOK of the DOUGLAS, a Pitman’s book, was first published in 1925 and continued to be available through the years, with many revisions and reprints and even revised reprints to at least 1948. They were initially authored by E W Knott and later by Heathcote. Successive editions changed the content, focussing on the models recent or current at the time of publication.

Manual of Military Motor Cycles, issued by The War Office in 1932, this fairly rare volume was published by His Majesty’s Stationary Office. It is devoted to construction, maintenance and management of two military motorcycles, the Douglas L29 model and Triumph N.L.3 type machine.

The Best Twin: A history of the Douglas motor cycle, is undoubtedly the seminal volume on Douglas Motorcycles. It was written by the late Jeff Clew, the prolific author of numerous motorcycle books and articles in the classic motorcycle press, a member of The LDMCC, owner and rider of a Douglas. First published in 1974 by Goose and Son Publishers, ISBN 0-900404-17-5.

The Douglas Motorcycle The Best Twin Revised and Enlarged Edition, was published in 1981 by Haynes Publishing Group. ISBN 0-85429-299-3.

The Illustrated History of DOUGLAS motorcycles is another attractive book by Harold Briercliffe and Eric Brockway. Published in 1991 by Haynes Publishing Group. ISBN 0-85429-799-5.

DOUGLAS by Peter Carrick. Is a less accurate publication in a cheaper binding. Published in 1982. ISBN 0-85059-513-4

Perfect in Every Part subtitled The World of Francis Simpson, Technical Artist, in the 1920s & 30s was published by Frenchay Village Museum in 2009. ISBN 978-0-9560312-1-1. Not strictly a book on Douglas but contains a lot of beautiful illustrations and advertisements created by Francis Simpson featuring Douglas motorcycles.

DOUGLAS Light Aero Engines from Kingswood to Cathcart, a recent publication by Brian Thorby, Club member, published in 2010 by Redcliffe Press Ltd. ISBN 978-1-906593-25-4. A comprehensive treatise on the extensive involvement by Douglas in the manufacture of engines powering light aircraft.

Douglas The Complete Story by Mick Walker. Another recent publication Published in 2010 by The Crowood Press Ltd. ISBN 978- 184797-197-5. A detailed account of the company, the bikes and sporting prowess.

ONE MAN CARAVAN by Robert Edison Fulton Jun. Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. in 1938. An Epic tale of a round the world trip in 1932 on a 750cc Douglas Mastiff on which he covered 40,000 miles through 20 countries in three continents. Liberally illustrated with 132 photographic illustrations and 62 sketches and maps. Much of the 16mm film shot by Robert during his adventures has subsequently been edited and provided with a live commentory by Robert. This is available on a DVD entitled Twice upon a Caravan and may be obtained from Searchlight Films, Bernardston, MA 01337 USA.

The Vintage Years at Brooklands by Dr Joseph Bayley. Published by Goose and Sons in 1968. A photographic record of Brooklands machines 1920 to 1929 including many illustrations of Douglas bikes and riders.

Brooklands Bikes in the Twenties by Peter Hartley. First published in 1980 by Goose and Sons, Argus Books Ltd. ISBN 0 85242 620 8. A comprehensive history of motor cycle racing at Brooklands in its heyday with numerous references to Douglas participation.

RIDE IT The complete book of SPEEDWAY by Cyril May. first published in 1976 by Haynes and Co Ltd.  ISBN 0 85696 184 1. Includes text and many photographs on the Douglas DT models and their riders.

The ROMANCE  of  THE SPEEDWAY by Sprouts Elder. Published in 1930 by Frederick Warne and Co Ltd. London. Written by a foremost rider and manager of a large speedway team using Douglas DT models.

Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycles by James Sheldon. Published by B T Batsford in 1961. Covers veteran and vintage aspects up to 1930 with 139 photos and drawings with Douglas content including EW and S6 models.

The Book of the Motor Car by Rankin Kennedy Published by Caxton Publishing Co Ltd undated but reputedly published in 1913. Volume 2 of 4 volumes has a section on Motorcycles and Cycle Cars. Pages 182 to 189 cover the Douglas 2. 3/4 hp model R with some nice illustrations of the bike, its forks, sectional views of the engine, carburettor and 2 speed gearbox.  A good description of the design advantages and qualities is given in the text accompanying.