Membership application

The London Douglas Motorcycle Club accepts applications from both Douglas owners and non-owners. As an owner you can become a full member and as a non-owner you can apply to become an associate member. The cost of membership is £18 for both UK and overseas membership. Payment by members may be made by various options including cheque, PayPal, bank transfer (BACS) and cash. There is no credit card facility. Details of payment options are available from the email hidden; JavaScript is required. Details of what benefits you receive can be found below.

Please complete the online form below entering all applicable details and choosing the appropriate membership type. Your details are confidential and will not be used for anything more than essential club correspondence, our bike register, and delivery of the NCR club magazine.

On receipt of your application you will receive an automatic email to acknowledge receipt of your details. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24hrs it is likely you entered a faulty email address, or it did arrive but has been sent to the trash by your email client. We will nonetheless have your application and you will receive a personal communication within a week.

For anyone wishing to use postal services to apply, here is a printable membership form (PDF). This should be completed and sent complete with a stamped addressed envelope, to Reg Holmes, 48 Standish Avenue, Stoke Lodge, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 6AG. If you have an email address, and you are happy for the club to use it in future correspondence, please add it to the top of the printable membership form. In the event of issues with the online form below, please default to the PDF form which once completed can be sent as above, or emailed to the email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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The Club has much to offer its members such as:

  • A Magazine, ‘The New Conrod’ that provides the vital communication between members, with features, letters, pictures, technical articles and reports on many activities.
  • A spares service for pre-war and post-war machines, which organises the manufacture of vitally needed parts to keep members machines running. North American applicants please see note below.
  • A range of traditional and modern regalia including machine transfers and badges.
  • A marque specialist who will provide technical information and expertise for most models.
  • A photocopy service for Club archive material.
  • A Register of all Douglas machines known to the Club around the world which is an invaluable source of information for identification and dating. (An update is in the final stages of preparation).
  • A membership list to enable members to keep in touch with one another issued from time to time.
  • A thriving sporting and social activities scene around the country. National events include an annual rally, camping weekend andprize giving. Local events include section meetings where members meet to socialise and discuss all things Douglas and organise participation in regional events such as classic motorcycle shows, road trials and runs. Other activities supported include national events such as the Pioneer and Banbury runs, sprint meetings and road racing.

Important Note. Since liability insurance cover for North America, (USA and Canada) was withdrawn from Motorcycle Clubs including LDMCC Ltd. by providers of such insurance, supply of spares by The Club to these countries is no longer available. This action is very much regretted but in the absence of insurance, an accident identified as caused by, or even considered as having been contributed to, by failure of a component supplied by The Club could lead to legal action which could bankrupt the Club and its Officers in defence of such action even if negligence could not be proved.