Q. What is the cost of membership and how can I pay?

A. £18 for both UK and overseas membership. Payment by members may be made by various options including cheque, PayPal, bank transfer (BACS) and cash. There is no credit card facility. Details of payment options are available from the email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Q. How may I join and is the club open to persons who do not have a Douglas motorcycle?

A. There is an online membership application form or alternately you may write to the email hidden; JavaScript is required for a membership pack. Membership is open to all persons who have an interest in the marque.

Q. Can non-members purchase spares from the club scheme?

A. The spares scheme is not open to non-members.

Q. What spares are available from the scheme?

A. The scheme is designed to provide parts to maintain both pre and post war machines and thus comprise mainly wear items, certainly the scheme is not able to provide major parts such as frames and engine casings. Obviously spares for the older machines are more difficult but the club through the spares secretaries’ endeavours to provide as much assistance as possible. The club does not deal with second hand items nor does it act as a broker for such parts.

Q. Does the club have a magazine?

A. The club publishes a bimonthly magazine, which is sent free to all members. The magazine contains technical articles, section news, club information and sale/wants items.

Q. Can non-members use the for-sale or wanted part of the magazine?

A. The club facilities are only available to members.

Q. Does the club have an archive facility?

A. The club owns a quantity of material including sales literature and original drawings. As appropriate copies are available at the copy cost for members and of course contacts made through the club may also be a source of information.

Q. Where does the club meet?

A. There are nine sections spread throughout the UK and members are welcome to attend the most convenient local section. Additionally if you are on the move and wish to attend another section then a call to the appropriate section secretary is all that is required just to confirm meeting arrangements. Most UK sections meet monthly and often join with others such as the local VMCC for weekend runs. Overseas members are more thinly spread and therefore tend to meet less frequently but wherever you are there will be a welcome for any member who makes contact. The club is all about contact with others who share a liking of the ‘Bristol twins’.

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